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BackHow to Install the Microsoft .NET SDK

The .NET Framework is the infrastructure for the overall .NET Platform. The common language runtime and class libraries (including Windows Forms, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET) combine together to provide services and solutions that can be easily integrated within and across a variety of systems. The .NET Framework provides a fully managed, protected, and feature-rich application execution environment, simplified development and deployment, and seamless integration with a wide variety of languages. (courtesy: MicroSoft)

The SDK will run on Windows® 2000 and Windows NT® 4.0 (including the NTOP for ASP.NET support), Windows 98, or Windows ME. Internet Explorer 5.5 and Data Access Components 2.6 are required.

Microsoft .NET on Windows 2000

The requirements for installing and working with the Microsoft .NET SDK are

1. Users can download the Microsoft .NET SDK from here (86 MB File)



2. Go to the Add Programs from your Control Panel and execute the setup.exe to install the .NET SDK on your system.

The .NET SDK is installed at the following locations on your local system:
C:\Program Files\NGWSSDK\ which contains all the programs that are required for the .NET framework including compilers, samples, etc.
SytemRoot\ComPlus\  which contains tools, C++ include and library files, documentation, and samples

3. To  install the samples,  goto the C:\Program Files\NGWSSDK\Samples folder and execute the samples there.


Microsoft .NET on Windows 98

I havent tried this but some of my friends did tell me that they where successful in doing so. Give it a try.

There are two steps to this procudure:
- Downloading the .NET SDK, 

- Unziping your setup.exe. 

The setup.exe file contains about 6 files, one of which is a new windows installer setup, imwsce.exe. You will see two more setup files and Simply double click, and hope that the installer runs. 

Note: As everyone quotes "Legal Point" CsharpGoodies and author wont be responsible for any damages. Users assume full responsibility for anything that may happen while downloading and using Microsoft download Files.


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