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Salient Features of C#:

      C Sharp is the first component-oriented language in the C/C++ family. C# is the first language to incorporate XML comment tags that can be used by the compiler to generate readable documentation directly from source code. There is no need for header files, Interface Definition Language, and complicated interfaces. The language which was developed by a design team of four, compile team of five and with thousands of developers following are some of the unique features  of CSharp. Once ECMA accepts C#, this language will be available open, means implements on any platform and any device which will be surely a set back to other languages which claims this langauge cannot be implemented on any platform.

      Argument passing: 

            The ref keyword  allows the argument to accept a return value and out keyword is used when no initial value is expected.  


             An assembly is a collection of compiled classes, and possibly other language elements that are combined in a single file for execution. For programs file extension is  EXE and for library, it has the file extension DLL.


              Access attributes in C# are public, protected, internal, protected internal, or private.

     Base classes:

              A class named object is the base class of all other classes. 

     COM Object:

              Every C# class can be used as a COM object.

     Data types:

              There are a wider variety of data types than found in any other languages. The types are bool, byte, ubyte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, ulong, float, double, and decimal. All of the types are of a fixed size,   signed and unsigned . A char contains a 16-bit Unicode character. decimal data type can contain up to 28 significant base 10 digits.

      Delegates and callbacks:

            A delegate object contains information required to call a specific method of a specific object.  A callback method is an example of a delegate. The event keyword is used in the declaration of methods that are to be the delegates called when an event occurs.

       Explicit conversions:

             Explicit cast can be made if there is possible loss of data.

       Implicit conversions: 

             Implicit conversion of the fundamental data types can be done as long as there is no possible loss of data


             An indexer is similar to a property, an indexing value is used to anonymously address a member of a class.


           When you create a program, you create one or more classes within a namespace. We can have interfaces, enums, and structs in same namespaces. The using keyword is used to address the contents of other namespaces.


          virtual and override keywords make the code more readable and ease of maintenance.


          Developers can maintain multiple versions of classes. They will be  in binary form and should be placed in different namespaces.

                    I would update this page as and when i get more information on this fantastic new language.

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